What Is Included In A Good Home Inspection?

According to the industry standards, a solid home inspection performed by a professional is non-invasive, and does not include drilling holes or removing wall surfaces. The main areas that are inspected include:

- Roofing - including full examination of the shingles, gutters, downspouts, flashings and the general structure of the roof

-Exterior - from the bricks to the wall coverings, flashings, doors and windows, the home inspectors in Phoenix tend to look for any defects and check if the home is affected by conditions such as rot, general vegetation and surface drainage

- Foundation - cracks on the walls, out of square door frames, improper framing and signs of water penetration are some of the most common issues spotted in this area

- Plumbing - the type of plumbing supply is determined, as well as the way it handles water pressure, the drainage from sings, faucets and other fixtures, their type and capacity

- Electrical - the electrical home inspection includes all of the parts of the fuse box, smoke detectors, switches, fixtures, outlets and meter enclosure

- Ventilation and insulation - here, the home inspection sees if the insulation is unfinished and how accessible it is

- Interior - inspecting the stairs, railings, drywall, moldings, loose plaster and doors and windows

- Miscellaneous - from the garage to the garage door operation and other elements, this part inspects the general conditions of the driveway

Are Home Inspections In Phoenix Worth It?

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